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Parmarine LTD

The factory with state-of-the-art production methods is located in Forssa, only about 100 kilometres from Helsinki, and a fire-door factory in Leppävirta, at 50-minute flight trip from Helsinki.


The company has three strong brands:


  • PARMA Bathrooms - produced since 1968
  • PARMARINE - ship products since 1981
  • SHIP FIRE DOORS - fire doors since 1982


The company has a long history starting already from 1968 with the production of first bathroom elements. The name Parmarine Oy was adopted in 1996, when the company became an independent part of Parma Oy. The company is owned by Eastern Pretech PTE Ltd by 100%. Today Parmarine Ltd is a leading manufacturer of bathroom elements, with business turnover of 37 M€ in 2007. The company provides employment to 280 persons.


History of Parmarine Ltd:


Parmarine Ltd , Murrontie 4, FIN-30420 Forssa, Finland Tel  +358 3 7777 400
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