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The most carefree way to build a bathroom is to get a ready-to-use bathroom !

Parmarine Ltd's ready-to-install bathrooms, shower units, combined toilet and sauna units are a first-rate solution for apartment blocks, terraced houses and hotels. The prefabricated premises are excellent also for hostels, nursing homes and hospital wards.

Parma Bathrooms are custom-made with product assemblies meeting the client's wishes and in compliance with individual designs. Parma Bathroom is the only wet room assembly in Finland with the type approval from the Ministry of the Environment and certified by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). From countries outside the EU, in Norway our bathrooms have been granted a respective certificate. Hereby Parmarine Oy takes the overall responsibility for the quality of deliveries and observance of mandatory regulations.

Parma Bathrooms are delivered on site at the agreed date as completely ready-to-use wet room units, with all the furnishings, fittings and HEPAC equipment installed. The time-consuming work stages, which require on site professional skills and effort are transferred under the controlled conditions of the factory. This accelerates the completion of construction, contributing thereby to earlier release of bound equity and reduction of risks during the construction period.

In element-framed structures Parma Bathrooms are installed from the top in conjunction with the work of the structural frame; in cast-in-situ frames by leading into the structure from the side prior to the installation of facades. With both solutions the appropriate installation equipment is delivered for use on site.

Parmarine Ltd provides a full service in the management of the whole project, from planning to completion, with expertise and professionalism. Co-operation during the planning stage ensures easiest solutions for increasing the effective surface area and functionality of housings, achieving all the technical and financial benefits provided by ready-to-install room deliveries. The suitability of rooms for the disabled is also fulfilled according to regulations and individual needs.


Parmarine Ltd , Murrontie 4, FIN-30420 Forssa, Finland Tel  +358 3 7777 400
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