Company Info

Reliable solutions since 1968

Parmarine Ltd’s long history starts from the year 1968, when the first bathroom elements were manufactured. Parmarine’s root is a heritage from company Parma and 1996 Parmarine became an independent company.  The company is owned by Eastern Pretech PTE Ltd which is part of NSL Group.

Today Parmarine Ltd is a leading manufacturer of bathroom elements and ship fire doors with business turnover of 67 M€ in 2018 employing 430 professionals.

Parmarine Ltd has two factories in Finland: in Forssa, about 100 kilometers from Helsinki, and at Leppävirta, a 50-minute flight trip away from Helsinki.

The company has three strong brands:

  • PARMA Bathrooms – produced since 1968
  • PARMARINE – ship products since 1981
  • SHIP FIRE DOORS – fire doors since 1982