Lucrative choice

Parma Bathrooms are a cost-effective, high-quality choice that will benefit the whole construction project.


Parmarine Ltd guarantees the functionality and project-specific suitability of the bathrooms, and takes overall responsibility of the flawlessness of the end product. As Parmarine Ltd supplies the whole of the bathroom,   only with one supplier instead of several subcontractors and suppliers.

Easy and fast installation

Parma Bathrooms are delivered to the site just-in-time, and lifted directly from the truck to their right places, disposing of the need for temporary storing of materials at the construction site. Using extensive installation units with ready parts also saves time and maintenance costs at the work site.

Controlled manufacturing

The production process is carried out at the factory by Parmarine’s trained staff. The outcome is not affected by changes in the combined work of different contractors, nor by the local weather conditions or workforce availability.

Uniform quality

All Parma Bathrooms’ structural solutions are thoroughly tested before delivery to ensure water insulation, durability and safety. All Parma Bathroom structures are non-flammable and mould resistant.

Less waste

The environmental standard ISO 14001 is applied in our production processes. Using safe materials and recycling are essential in our manufacturing processes.