Certified skills

We aim to provide our clients with best-fit products for their construction projects. Parma Bathrooms have been approved by several authorities inside and outside the EU.

parmarine_vtt__sintef_certificationsProduct certificate No. 160/1 by VTT (Tehchical Research Center of Finland), granted on 24.09.2001: “All structural solutions and materials are selected to meet the requirement set to water insulation and durability. This is ensured by using compatible materials, products and accessories recommended by manufacturers and by careful observance of installation instructions.” Last extension of the product certificate is from 30.9.2016 and valid until 29.9.2021.

Norges byggforskninsinstitutt NBI Teknisk Godkjenning No. 2453, granted on 30.11.2006 valid until 1.11.2022.

Helsinki Turva-Helen, statement 29.11.2002: “Parma Bathrooms fulfill the requirements of stardard SFS 6000.413”.

VTT statements on fire resistance of Parma Bathrooms.

Expert statements on sound insulation of Parma Bathrooms.