Ship fire doors

Worldwide experience

Over the years Parmarine has manufactured and delivered tens of thousands of fire doors for all type of vessels. The success of Parmarines fire doors is based on the full trim of equipments ready mounted and also to the possibility to choose different frame models and installation variations. Installation of the concerned fire doors is always easy and do not need even the bulkhead straightening. Some door models are model protected and patented. All the biggest shipyards and the shipowners are our clients (see the reference list).

Parmarine takes care of the spare part deliveries also worldwide.

Our range of certified ship fire doors includes

– A-60 hinged fire doors
– A-60 sliding fire doors
– A-60 semi-watertight and A60 light watertight sliding fire doors with electrical operating system
– A60 big fire walls

Advantages :

  • big size (w max 4000 x h max 3000)/tested size 3500 x 2700
  • low construction (space requirement only 110 mm)
  • easy installation by bolting or welding
  • no need for bulkhead straightening