Technical Details

Technical drawings available for download:

A class hinged fire doors

A-60 hinged fire doors (single and double)

A-60 hinged fire doors accessories

  • opening holder device/door closer
  • standard door closers
  • electromechanical locking device
  • electric card lock VC3000
  • electrical striker plates
  • flush handle
  • panic bar
  • hose ports
  • indication switch
  • door selector for double door
  • gasket between door leaf and frame
  • stainless steel sill cover plates
  • kick plates

A class sliding fire doors

A-60 single sliding fire doors


A-60 double sliding fire doors

A-60 tandem sliding fire doors

A-60 semi water tight (swt) and light water tight (lwt) sliding fire doors

Electric driving system for A-60 sliding doors

A-60 sliding fire doors accessories

  • hose ports
  • electrical lock + key switch
  • gasket between door leaf and frame
  • push buttons for door opening
  • stainless steel sill cover plates

(A-60 fire walls)


Other products and accessories

  • flooding hatch
  • all hinged door accessories as locks, handles, escutcheons, open – close indications, door closers, magnets, hose ports etc.
  • hand held operation panel for electrical driving system of A60 sliding fire doors